Why You Need A Media Kit For Your Blog

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Why You Need A Media Kit For Your Blog

“What is a media kit?”, you may ask. In the world of blogging, a media kit is a form that highlights essential facts, statistics and data about your blog. Before blogs came into existence, newspapers and magazines used to use media kits to summarize their target audience and advertising options to possible clients. They haven’t changed much; It is essentially your CV while talking with brands and businesses who you could potentially collaborate with. It informs them everything about your blog from the topics you write about to the number of followers you have on Instagram along with the services your provide and their cost.

Why do you need a media kit? If you present the brand with a media kit not only does it look super professional but it also lets them know why working with you will be awesome! They are definitely crucial to turn your blog for a side passion to a full time income source. If you’re looking to have banner ads, sponsored posts or giveaways, you will require a media kit to give to potential clients. If you have 100 views or 100,000, it doesn’t matter- you still need to have a media kit accessible if you want to monetize your blog. Clients need your media kit as they need to see if your audience matches their requirements for certain campaigns. As bloggers ourselves, we’ve seen a much higher response and approval rate when we send a media kit as in comparison to when we don’t. You also save them a lot of time by giving them what they need, pushing you to the top of the pile.

These are some key points by one of our Bloggerang gals Injeel from @injeel_thebeautyblogme, an experienced PR Manager who shared her insights with us:

Before you go out and pitch you blog for a potential partnership or collaboration be ready with your material. PR professionals receive up to 15 new introduction emails from bloggers weekly, you need to ensure yours would stand out from the other 14. Go in all guns and blazes, introduces yourself and your blog professionally. ALWAYS attach your media kit when writing to anyone, your media kit needs to include the following:

  • Who you are?
  • What is your blog about?
  • Facts & figures such as unique visitors per month, age, gender, nationality split of followers, social media following and enjoyment figures
  • Case study of a brand partnership (If available)


In other words, a Media Kit will help you to land more collaborations with brands and to establish good relationships with PR Managers thus we totally recommend that you create yours!

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