The Entertainer Feature Interview: Meet the Queen of Flatlays Tjaša!

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The Entertainer Feature Interview: Meet the Queen of Flatlays Tjaša!

It took hours picking the Instagram photos that would feature in this article. Why? Because Tjaša Džafić’s photos are all simply stunning. The perfect light, the perfect layout, the perfect, well, everything. Today we are sharing an interview made by The Entertainer App in which Tjaša shares tips for her awesome photography.

A Slovenian content creator, Tjaša is Instagramming her way through Dubai searching for that perfect frothy cappuccino, flaky croissant and perfect flaylay. With insane photography skills and a great eye, Tjaša will have you scrolling for hours.

Join us as we learn a bit more about the lady behind this awesome insta-gallery!

Hi Tjaša, tell us a bit about yourself.

It’s so hard to talk about myself! I really love to travel and hope one day I’ll be able to travel the world. I love books and magazines, I can spend hours in Kinokuniya. I would much rather spend my days at the beach, than going to a fancy brunch or wandering around malls.

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I also love the summer and was so happy to leave my winter boots back at home but I quickly started missing the rain and all of the nature back at home, so I started buying plants like crazy. I think I’m quickly turning into a crazy plant lady. I love succulents and cacti.

How would you describe Dubai in three words?

Cosmopolitan, diverse and hot.

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How would you describe yourself in three words?

Simple, minimalistic, dreamer. Although my husband would say talkative, open, big heart. Aww.

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Where is the best place you’ve ever visited in the world?

New York absolutely and one of my recent trips, Zanzibar. This place will always have a special place in my heart.

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Tell us about your favourite memory of Dubai.

Definitely the first time my family came to Dubai as they were able to see and experience everything through their own eyes. Also, the first Christmas I spent in Dubai and when I went to the desert with my husband. It was completely empty which made it pretty special. I was able to take close to a million photos of the empty desert. Oh and celebrating my 30th birthday in a bikini on the beach. That was a long dream come true!

We love our coffee! Where can we get the perfect cup?

Coming from Europe and living so close to Italy, it was a struggle to find a good coffee here in Dubai. We are always on the search for a real Italian cappuccino with good foam and no chocolate on top. We found that in Golositalia JLT and also in Expression by Lavazza on JBR.

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We can’t help but notice that you love a croissant, or two! Where can we find the best croissant in Dubai?

Uhh that’s a hard one. For almond croissants, definitely Carluccio’s. When they make my croissant warm, I die. Otherwise, we are regulars at Golositalia in JLT for their apricot jam croissant. As we are early birds they are always waiting for us with freshly baked ones every weekend at 7am.

We absolutely love your Instagram photos. What are your top Instagram photography tips?

Take your photos in natural light, that’s the most important thing. Think about composition and don’t be afraid to play around with props. Turning on the grid can definitely help with straight lines and negative spaces. Don’t get hung up on likes, make sure to focus on good content. Less is more! Oh, and don’t forget to always wipe your camera lens before you take photos. Your t-shirt will work just fine for that.

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Do you use any fancy photography equipment?

I only use an iPhone. I have three different iPhones and all my photos are created with them. And natural light. There is no photo without natural light.

Who are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow in the UAE?

OMG do we have enough time to list them all ? From the UAE it has to be @traveljunkiediary, @hannahmagsayo, @dana.hourani, @styledrifter and many more

A massive thank you Tjaša for answering all of our questions, it was great to get to know the face behind all of those wonderful photos. You can check out Tjaša’s Instagram here! Stay tuned for more interviews with the people behind your favourite social media accounts!

The Bloggerang Team hosted a workshop with Tjaša a few months ago which you can read all about here 🙂

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