Community Q&A: How do you plan your blog’s content?

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Community Q&A: How do you plan your blog’s content?

Hello to all the blogger gang! This is our first Q&A post of our blog. In these posts, we will discuss questions that we either get through our DM’s on Instagram, our Facebook group (which you can join here.).

We love your questions so much that we decided to make short blog posts about it. We believe that these questions might cross the minds of other fellow bloggers thus we though it would be a great idea to keep them alive in the blog. Let’s do this!

This month, all the Q&A’s will be answered by me, Annie (Hi!) for those who don’t know me, I am the lifestyle blogger behind unlavish and the Community Manager of Bloggerang.I have been blogging for 2 years now thus I will be sharing what has been working for me through my journey as a content creator, hoping that it might help you with your journey too. Next month will be a different blogger from within our community as I’d like you to have different bloggers with different backgrounds and personalities answering your questions.

Let’s do this!

And the question of the week is:

“How do you plan your blog’s content?”

In order to make the answer easier to read, here are 5 steps that I personally recommend to plan your content:

1.Set how often you will create content: It all starts on understanding what goals you have for your blog. Are you planning to monetize it? If you are, how do you plan to monetize it? If you monetize on your traffic primarily, then you will have to create content almost everyday and promote it in every social media platform as well. If you plan to monetize it on selling Instagram’s ad space, then you must spend more time doing community management on Instagram.  

My objective primarily is to monetize via my freelance services and to keep an engaging Instagram and Twitter Account since these are the two platforms that generate most of my traffic. Based on that, creating blog posts 2-3 times per week works for me. If you’re running a blog just as a hobby, then posting once per week might work for you just fine.

2.Create an Editorial Calendar: Now that I determined how often I will post, based on my monetization and creative strategy, I prepare an editorial calendar. I used to have Coschedule and let’s just say that it didn’t work out for me so I am sticking to excel spreadsheets and scheduling drafts via wordpress for now. Don’t take me wrong, Coschedule it’s a great software and it does work for a lot of people. In my case I found myself working longer on the planning that on creating and I didn’t like it. Plus I already manage tons of apps and platforms to run my blog so it felt a bit overwhelmed having to manage another one.

In order to create an Editorial Calendar that you actually follow, first you gotta be realistic with the number of posts that you can produce every week. In my case, when I am freelancing full time, I can only post  2 times per week so I divide it like this: Sundays/Freelance Tip, Mondays/Minimalist OOTD.  I enter the title of the posts on an excel spreadsheet and I event add links if I am quoting anybody or using it as a reference. 

3.Assign days to promote your content via social media: During my first year of blogging, I got a bit overwhelmed trying to catch up with all the social media platforms. Imagine, I was managing my own plus my client’s (I work as a social media manager freelancer) so it got bit hectic. Nowadays I try to take turns with my social media platforms. For example, Sundays for Instagram community management, Mondays for Twitter and Facebook, Wednesday for Instagram again etc.

My productivity increased by avoiding trying to be everywhere, anytime. I felt relaxed and my interactions became more genuine and less forced (You can tell when somebody is leaving comments forced just to increase their engagement, I don’t like that at all)

4.Plan your Instagram Feed in advance: I am officially IN LOVE with Planoly. This app allows me to upload hi-res photography from my DSLR on my laptop and add whichever content I take on the go from my smartphone. I don’t like to see just planned content on my feed because I feel that it’s a bit fake that’s why I mix planned hi-res pictures with shots taken with my Iphone that show more of my on-the go lifestyle.

5.Set your own system for photoshoots: There was a point in my life that I hated doing Fashion shoots (I am weird like that, yes) and I also hated the whole process of doing a shoot, uploading my hi-res pictures and then run out of content in one week and start the whole process again. I mean, my business does not rely on OOTD’s so I feel pretty useless taking pictures of what I am wearing every weekend. 

I started to wonder, how do other bloggers do it? I didn’t want to google this question, for some reason I wanted to find a system that would work for me by trial and error and luckily I did. I only take photos of my outfits 2-3 times per month max which it works perfect for me. No more posing on the weekends, I just ensure I have those outfits done and the rest comes from my Iphone. Since I do lifestyle, I take pictures of places, outfits, food, flatlays and then arrange them on Planoly and voila! My feed is done.

Oh well! I hope these simple tips and insights somehow answer this question. This is primarily what I do to keep my content on track, then again there are all sorts of different ways to do it.

I also hope this didn’t sound like a foreign language that you don’t understand, if it did, feel free to send me a DM on my Instagram and I promise to explain this further.

Bisous for now and see you on the next Q&A post!

PS: My blog is currently unavailable. I am solving some technical problems with wordpress but as soon as it’s up, I will enter the link here so you get an idea of how I manage my content. Thanks for your patience!

Annie G.