Clinique Arabia Welcomes Spring with Bloggerang #CliniqueArabia

Bloggerang x Clinique Arabia Spring Meetup

Clinique Arabia Welcomes Spring with Bloggerang #CliniqueArabia

Dubai, UAE. March 2017: The Bloggerang community partnered up Clinique Arabia and House of Flowers for their most recent event held at the Dubai Garden Centre. The floral themed Spring Meetup had several members of the Bloggerang community in attendance along with an educational session on beauty hosted by the regional education manager of Clinique Middle East, Selvana Chanine who talked about the brands new launches and shared skin care tips on how to deal with Dubai’s hot summer season.

Bloggerang also invited Injeel Moti a PR professional come beauty blogger (@injeel_thebeautyblogme) to share some tips about do’s and don’ts for bloggers when dealing with PR professionals. Injeel is currently working as a Public Relations Manager at Sept PR, a lifestyle-driven communications agency based in Dubai. Due to her strong background in the field of PR, her insights shared as a blogger from a PR professional point of view were truly valuable during the event.

bloggerang clinique meetup dubai

During the course of the talk Moti talked shared insightful tips on networking and on how to build a media kit, she said “It is important to find your niche and stick to it. Your readers and media network will respect you for that. We have been observing a rise of do-it-all “bloggers” who join the crowd just to get goodie bags and freebies and PR professionals can recognize these profiles. In order to stand out, it is important to understand that all businesses work on a simple concept of ROI. When pitching an idea for a potential collaboration, mention why this would be interesting to your audience and always attach your media kit to justify it.”

Post hearing the engaging talks from both speakers, bloggers got the chance to take pictures at the Clinique’s Arabia flat lay station along shooting magical portraits for each of the attendees. Fellow Bloggerang member and avid photographer Jayven (@takenfromjayven) shot creative portraits of all attendees using the beautiful flower crowns sponsored by House of Flowers.

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Bloggerang Meetup Clinique ArabiaBloggerang Meetup Clinique Arabia

The Bloggerang spring meetup was a truly magical afternoon with collective content creation, networking and beautiful green landscapes serving as the backdrop.  To see all the magic created during this event, follow the hashtags #wecollaborate and #cliniquearabia.

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