Our online community is all about education, networking and empowerment. We achieve these goals by partnering with brands in the industries of hospitality, fashion, beauty and technology to host a series of exciting and engaging meetups. At Bloggerang, our focus remains on promoting collaborations among members by sharing product reviews, brand ambassador opportunities and event invites.

To learn more about how to work with us please contact us at hello@bloggerang.com


  • Through the year, we host meetups and workshops with our community members around the city. You can see our previous meetups here.

    Our Sponsorship packages include:

    • Brand exposure: We include your logo on our website, biweekly newsletter, event’s sponsor’s banner and social media platforms.


    • Brand mentions: We invite your brand’s representative to speak during our networking events. In addition, we mention. tag and use your brand’s official hashtag on every piece of content that will be created during the event.


    • Brand Collaborations: We promote all your product reviews, event invites and brand ambassador opportunities among our community members.




  • We analyze your marketing goals, prepare beautiful mood boards and partner with relevant microinfluencers to prepare exclusive content for all your social media platforms thanks to our strong partnerships with local Influencer Marketing agencies.

    What our team loves to create:

    • Instagram Photography


    • Instagram videos


    • YouTube Videos


    • Bloggers’ Meetups



How can I post a collaboration?


Please stay tuned as our portal will be launched on June 2017.


What type of profiles will be exposed to my collaborations?


Our database includes engaging profiles of microinfluencers in the categories of food, fashion, lifestyle, travel, parenting, and wellness.


What events do you offer sponsorship packages for?


Meetups and workshops with topics related to social media, influencer marketing, blogging and photography.