Bloggerang Meets Shedd App at Muchachas! #Sheddit

Shedd App Bloggerang Meetup

Bloggerang Meets Shedd App at Muchachas! #Sheddit

Dubai, UAE. September, 2016. Shedd, an app that sells pre-loved fashion items in the UAE partnered with our Bloggerang community to host a colorful evening ¬†full of cute nibbles and margaritas at Muchachas, the recently opened Mexican Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Express in Safa Park. To support Shedd’s Apps marketing campaign of rebranding, Bloggerang organized this meetup featuring Dee Mohamud, a fashion influencer in the UAE. Dee discussed during the event the importance of reusing fashion items and shared her journey as a vlogger to inspire microinfluencers to keep creating.

In the event, the Marketing Manager of our community, Neha B. mentioned, “We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with Shedd App as our community loves promoting meaningful concepts within our network of microinfluencers. Our favorite part was when Dee asked us to tell stories about our items that we were ready to “Shedd” it was fun to hear all those stories and to get to know more about all of our members.”

Between the Mexican nibbles and the flatlay’s session with the gals, we did a bit of networking, a bit of Instagram photography and tons of social media buzz. We were super excited to observe the positive response among our guests. If there is one thing we truly love doing in our meetups, it’s to tell a story in an engaging way to generate organic reach.

Check out all the love spread by our community (aka coverage) and how we all had fun “shedding” our pre-loved items. #Sheddit Dubai!




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We truly enjoyed our bloggers’ hangout at Muchachas with Shedd! Have an item ready to Shedd? Download the App here¬†

Cheers Muchachas!